Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I simply can't believe the Utes.  I'm giddy on everyday except Sunday (see last post).  Their defense is the most stifling I've seen it since Gary Anderson was the defensive coordinator in 2008.  They aren't getting as many sacks, but they are still pressuring and that has lead to turn overs.  A lot of turn overs!  19 to be exact.  In 6 games that amounts to 3.3 per game.  13 of which are interceptions.  That is more than a great backfield, it also is a great front seven. 

With all the love going to the defense, I have to say, for the first time since 2008, I don't hate the offense (see all other Utah centered posts).  It's still the same, tired read option centered pile of crap, but this time, it seems to have a purpose and identity.  The "throw game" is actually functioning.  It's not just back shoulder throws to the outside sideline this year.  There is a lot of over the middle posts, screens to the WR's and RB's, button hooks, and actually quite a few down the field streaks.  I am shocked at how open this offense is compared to a year ago. 

Travis Wilson is operating with efficiency and I am excited to watch the offense.  Booker is running over, threw, and around people.  He can't be tackled.  In an interview with ESPN, he said his dad always told him to never let the first guy tackle you.  He's a mini Marshawn Lynch.  He is going to have a long NFL career making people pay for hitting him.  It's going to be fun to watch.

The atmosphere at RES is electric.  It's been loud and obnoxious for years.  This year, we've upped the ante.  The North End Zone is insanity an I love it.  The MUSS is crazy as always and the middle seems to have caught on.  We are loud, and we are Ute Proud to be part of Ute Nation!! 

Go Utes!!!

Offense needs to change!

I hate the offense.  Actually, hate may not be strong enough.  I loath the offense.  I have for three years.  Now, let me be clear, we are talking Seahawks here.  Not Utes, because that is just a strong dislike at this point.  I am talking about the horrid school yard offense that is the Seahawks.  I know a couple of coaches who could do more with less than they have.  Most are little league, but at least they understand the concept of running the ball.

Statistically, the 2015 version of the Seahawks offense is very mediocre.  Most of which is Russel Wilson working magic.  It reminds me of Warren Moon on those bad Houston Oilers teams.  For those of you under 30, that's the Tennessee Titans before they were in Tennessee.  They were bad, really bad.

The rookie Thomas Rawls has more yards per carry than Marshawn Lynch.  The reason why is in one game, he had so many cutbacks he was able to run away from a slow Chicago defense.  The offense seems to be centered around a single idea, let Wilson run around and make something happen.  That works some times, a lot actually.  You can not sustain a season by running that way.  The line is terrible and can't pass block.  They can barely run block, which is essentially blocking the guy in front of you and hopefully the next guy up the field.  This team is going to bury itself because they can't block for poor Wilson.  It's where most of the blame lies.

Granted, they have given up 2 fourth quarter leads and lost games they shouldn't have.  It's not the defenses fault.  It seems like they are on the field the entire fourth quarter because the offense can't sustain a drive.  Up by 17, any normal team would line up and run the ball.  Not Seattle though, they will go shotgun, fake to the RB and Wilson runs for his life.  They traded for Jimmy Graham and use him like Luke Willson.  Why even go get that guy if you're not going to line him up in the slot?  Even I can tell they are confused by his skills.

For the last three years, it seems as though they have become more and more reliant on Wilson's scramble ability and have simplified the offense so much that no NFL defense is scared any more.  Do you want to know what I would do?  Actually, I know you don't, but I'm going to tell you any way.

Line up in the Pistol (for those that don't know, it's the quarterback lining up half way between under center and shotgun),  two WR's and two TE's or one TE and one FB.  Have one of TE's (Graham?) switch between being in the slot and lining up beside Wilson.  Use them like a wing back, either motion them out or leave them there as a blocker.  That's the offense that best suits the personnel.  You could even put both WR's on the strong side and have Graham out by his lonesome on the weak side.  That uses him more effectively than anything the Seahawks have done so far.  This line up also is more run oriented and you can play action pass out of it much more effectively.  This line up also helps the o line out because it's easier to block in this scheme.  Bottom line, line up and hit them in the mouth.  Be the soul sucking bully's you want to be.  Not this pseudo spread "option" offense.  It doesn't work in the NFL.

Darrell Bevell should be fired.  I would say do it now if you have any faith in Tom Cable to run an offense.  I don't, so I'm not sure what I'd do.  Pete Carroll needs to also focus on shoring up that offensive line.  If he can't do that in the off season, maybe he needs to be relieved of his personnel duties.  That being said, for the most part, I've really liked what he's done there.

All in all, Go Seahawks!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

NFL FInal...

OK OK I get it.  The Seahawks should have run the ball.  Yes Patriot fans, I understand that.  Yes Bronco fans, I see that Pete Carrol meme you posted, about him throwing you the fast food instead of handing it off, funny...

Here's the main deal, it was a great play.  Rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler made the play of his life.  He saw the play coming, aggressively went after it, and beat Ricardo Lockette to the ball and physically beat him for the ball.  Great play.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Oakland offered him a huge paycheck because of it.  

The play call though?  One time out left, 14 seconds, 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line.  Down by four.  3 plays, to get in.  The entire defense geared to stop 1 man.  What would you call?  For me, it wouldn't have been the crossing rub.  It still would have been a pass though.  I would have run a play action bootleg to the left and give STRICT orders to Wilson to throw it to a wide open receiver, run it in ONLY if he's got an open lane, or throw it away.  If you don't score, it's about a 5 second play, which is a long play considering the time but throwing the ball away stops the clock and conserves the ONLY timeout you have left.  With about 9 seconds left and on 3rd down, give the ball directly to Lynch, not a read option, which NE had been blowing up all day, but directly to Lynch following Will Tukuafu up the A gap on the left side of the line.  If he doesn't get in, use the timeout to conserve what's left of clock, which by average would be about 3-5 seconds.  At this point, I would struggle between trying to ram it in again, or throw a fade to Chris Matthews, who had a breakout game in the Super Bowl.  I guess it would depend on the result of 3rd down.  Either way though, Monday morning quarterbacks would all debate the decision making. 

I did, I mean come on, the best RB in the game, biggest bully as a RB anyway.  Give him the ball!  Really looking at the time and scenario's going into that, you've got to understand why.  After the gut punch feeling faded and I started looking at it a bit more objectively, I asked myself what I would call, and the above scenario came to mind.  I can't see any other way to save the clock and still get more than 2 chances at punching it in.  I guess you could run it on 2nd down, call a timeout and throw it on 3rd and hope you can run it or throw the fade on third.  I would not though, I'd go the earlier described route. 

I've also heard the ridiculous story about they the Seahawks wanted to make Russel Wilson the MVP instead of Marshawn Lynch because Wilson is a better ambassador of the Seahawks.  Lynch's malcontent attitude had been a distraction leading up to the game.  Had it really though?  Most those "press members" that were torturing him for a soundbite weren't sports reporters, they were there for Vogue, or  Esquire or some other stupid mag/tv show that no one in there right mind cares about.  So the garbage they were spewing wasn't a real distraction anyway.  I also don't believe Pete Carrol would make a franchise decision like that in the 32 seconds he had to make it.  I think both he and Beville (who I've thought is an at best, below average play caller for three years) thought it was the right decision for the win. 

Did it work?  Nope.  Would they be heroes if it did?  Probably.  Look at the decision to run "refrigerator" Perry instead of Walter Peyton in the '85 Super Bowl.  The dude was a defensive tackle.  He could have fumbled, but he didn't.  He scored and the Bears won.  Ditka was a genius.  Though he second guesses that decision now because he thinks Walter Peyton deserved the score and the MVP, at the time he defended it by saying it was the right one for the team.  I'd bet if the Seahawks had scored, people would be saying genius for not calling the ever expected run and scoring.  It didn't work, therefor they are fools. 

As for the off season so far, who would you resign?  Two contracts of import are up.  Russel Wilson, who could be the face of the Seahawks and the league as the best of the next generation of QB's, or the almost 30 year old RB whose Beast Mode destroys defenses and helps the team in several ways.  You can do both, but you can't do both for long term without hand cuffing your finances.  You already have the highest paid defensive backfield in the league, do you want the highest paid offensive backfield in the league?  If so, where is the money for the offensive or defensive line?  WR's or LB's? 

All in All, Go Seahawks!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sea!! Hawks!!!

Go Seahawks!!

First, The NFC championship game was once again one of the most fantastically fascinating feats of football ever seen.  It was 55 minutes of the worst football I have seen out of them since the Dan McGuire years.  3 of the 4 INT's Russel Wilson threw were bounced off the WR's hands into the air and had a fun tip drill for the defense.  The 4th was a terrible throw.  Just trrable (said in a Charles Barkley voice).  Kearse redeemed himself in catching a TD in OT to send the Packers ... well, packing. 

I doubt anything in the Super Bowl can match that 5 minutes of football.  Nobody is even talking about that though.  Every one is concerned with the newest "cheating" scandal coming out from the Patriots organization.  Deflategate is the latest thing to come out of Foxburough since Spygate of 2007.  Even though they have appeared in 2 Super Bowls since getting caught spying on other teams practices, they haven't won since 2005.  Not saying that it correlates (yes I am), I'm just saying that it should be acknowledged that coincidence. 

That being said, is it really a big deal?  Former NFL journeyman QB Jeff Blake did an interview saying that all teams do it.  Before 2005, when the NFL mandated that the teams each provide their own 12 game balls and they would supply 8 K balls to each game, the NFL supplied 24 game balls to each game.  Jeff Blake said that he would get a bag with the balls in it and the rest of the QB's and he would dump them out to check them.  He said most of the time they were too hard, so they'd let a little air out and squeeze it to check them.  They wouldn't check the PSI (pounds per square inch) or anything, just to make sure they felt right.  There was no deceptive tactics involved, there was no malice involved.  Just trying to make sure they felt right.  I believe the same thing happened here.

The NFL ref's are also reported to give the balls a nice squeeze to make sure they feel right. 

So no one except the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts really cares about this.  Ironically, the losers of the last two games against the Pats. 

Is this cheated?  I don't know how to answer this.  I would say, I guess.  If you are driving 65 in a 60 MPH zone and get pulled over, you'll get a ticket.  Even if you are getting passed in the next lane.  However are you putting more people in danger than the idiot passing you?  Is it something everyone else is doing as well?  That's the crux of this.  Everyone is doing it.  It really isn't that big of a deal.  However because it is from the Patriots and Bill Belicheat, they have a slight reputation doing anything to win.  If you get pulled over for going 5 over the speed limit while also having 10 other speeding tickets, they may revoke your license.  So is this a big deal, not really.  Is this a big deal for the Patriots?  Potentially. 

I put more on the NFL for not actually checking the balls.  They squeeze them before the games.  They don't stick an air gauge into it and check the PSI.  If they are holding someone responsible for doing the same thing, they need to check themselves. 

This coming after the same season where they suspended Adrian Peterson for his off the field issues, reinstated him and within 24 hours suspended him indefinitely.  Did he beat his child?  Maybe, from the pictures I'd say yes.  Did the NFL mishandle the situation?  Yes.  What about Ray Rice?  There is video (click at your own risk) evidence where his then girlfriend, now wife, and he walks into an elevator and get into an argument and he knocks her out.  Closed fisted decks her.  Instead of showing any kind of remorse, he looks pissed she couldn't get up.  When the elevator doors open, he pulls her out by her hair.  Doesn't pick her up out of concern, or even try to revive her.  Drags her out by her hair.  TMZ released the video that the NFL said didn't exist. The NFL didn't discipline Ray Rice until the media released that video. 

While this situation isn't nearly as sad nor as bad as those situations, they have still mishandled this situation and good ol' Roger Godell is looking worse and worse. 

To top that off, they won't leave Marshawn Lynch's paycheck alone!! He is clearly talking to the media as per his contract.  Yes that is a bit of sarcasm but the fact they fine him for his lack of participation and the brand of hat, HIS brand, is ridiculous.  I get the participation is part of the deal, however the dude clearly has an issue with mobs of people in his face.  When he gives an interview that is one on one or where he is in control, he gives great soundbites and is engaging and warm.  I think the NFL needs to back off of him and leave him be.  Quinton Gather, former Utes RB and current coach on the Weber State staff, is good friends with him from their childhood.  He interviewed on a station that I accidentally came upon (which I won't mention because of their heresy) and mentioned many of these same facts.  He even told a story of when the Utes were playing Washington in Seattle Marshawn Lynch came into the hotel where the team was staying and was engaging, warm, kind and inviting.  Just don't inundate him stupid media types that get into the Super Bowl media week. 

With all of that being said, I'm saying GO SEAHAWKS!!!!